Animal Shelters and How You Can Help

Animal Shelters and How You Can Help

Animal shelters are facing serious budget problems as the economy continues to falter. Contributions are down at most shelters across the country and your local animal shelter is probably one of them. Most animals are basically defenseless and require human intervention for their well being. If you have any concern for animals there are things that you can do to support the welfare of animals in your local community. Remember how we treat our animals and pets says a lot about us as a society.

One of the most important ways in which you can support your local animal shelter might surprise you. If you have pets take care are of them. Don’t create more problems for the animal shelter in your own community. Have your pet spayed or neutered to prevent unwanted and uncared for pets from roaming the streets or countryside where you live. If you are not part of the problem then you are already helping and have become part of the solution. Be responsible not only with your pets but in every area of your life. Personal responsibility is sorely lacking in todays culture and by taking care of animals that your are responsible for you are doing your part to alleviate the animal cruelty that exists in the country today.

Many animal shelters would appreciate some free help. In fact many animal shelters rely on volunteer help as they are unable to hire individuals for many of the duties that must be performed at the animal shelter. Donating just a few hours of your time a week can lessen the burden on the regular staff and give the animals under their care some much needed tender loving care. It will be a rewarding experience for you as well as the animals give you their love and attention.

Financial help is almost always needed as animal shelters are usually under funded to start with and are one of the first program to suffer when cutbacks are made.

If you would like to help your local shelter financially but down have the cash to help out by using a little creativity you can usually come up with a way to support the shelter. Consider holding a bake or garage sale and let people know that all proceeds will go directly to the local shelter. Many people who otherwise would not participate in something are more then willing to help out when it is for a good cause. Use your imagination and you can probably come up with dozens of ways to help out financially.

Animal shelters are one of the last lines of defense for abused and neglected animals. By doing your part to support this worthy cause you will helping those that share the planet with us but can’t speak for themselves and you will feel better about yourself knowing you are doing your part to make the world a better place.

Unique ways to help your local animal shelter can be found at Animals Are Love. If you are an animal lover offering both your time and financial help can make a big difference in an animals life.

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