Cat Toys

Pictured are 3 cat items we have available for shelters – first two items are in stock if any shelter is interested all they have to do is fill out our form and pick them up – NO COST

The remaining item is a cat bunk bed that we designed and if enough interest is present we will make more.

We are making cat toys from Carpet tubes that are also available


3 ft tall                                                                                                                 4 ft tall

Pictured on the right is a Cat Tower that is made out of recycled reels from a local cable tv company.  The reels are about 22″ wide and 12″ high. You could pick them up at their company headquarters – you are helping them out and recycling also.
All you have to do is combine two of them – screw them together with 1″ round-head screws.  Cover them with carpeting.  Cut the carpeting about 2″ bigger for the first 7 third tiers HINT place the reel over the carpeting and mark, then make it two inches bigger.   Do the same for the middle piece and mark it 3″ bigger.  the top piece does not need a core hole the other two do.  The core hole is the diameter of the inside core HINT take one apart and use the core as a guide and you can also use the end of the reel for marking.  when the hole is cut i slit the carpet from the hole out this will allow you to place it around the assembled reels.   I use 1/2″ staples and staple the core pieces first – they are about 12″ high and about 19 3/4″ long.  staple the one end of the seam and wrap the other side to meet the seam and staple.  The pieces that are cut for the covering are brought around the tube and dry fit if you have to cut more to get a better fit do it now before you begin to staple.  Staple the flat round part beginning at the core and make your way to the seam – make sure they meet. Place about a dozen staples you try to get the carpet to lay flat.
Fold the carpet over the edge and begin to staple take a small section at a time and this will help you make a smooth round edge.  Top piece is fastened the same way.