Corporate Donation Page

Here we offer 5 beds (of any size) to a shelter of your choice, for a donation of $80.00 to cover material costs.We wll provide the beds to the shelter of your choice – however the postage and/or pick up at our shop or will need to be worked out. Your company name, along with a description, will be listed here along with the shelter that you are helping.

Our Guarantee

This is not the usual 20 page pile of legaleze. We are a small dedicated group with one common goal… bring comfort to our 4 legged friends as they await their forever homes.

Very simply, we promise to use your donation for the soul purpose of making 5 beds for the shelter of your choice.Once your donation is received we will send you an email to confirm the details.

Your paypal email confirmation will act as your receipt!

If you are interested in donating but have a question, or 2, please feel free to contact us.


Corporation-Patronize Them Shelter Sponsored

DennisJim McCarthy

Adventures & Travel                Hunting/Fishing/Photo Trips WORLWIDE


Donated by Dennis Feerrar         

Animal Resource Center 

4 Tier Cat Tower

Your company name, business card, picture or logo could be placed here showing your desire to help animals.

Animal shelter or rescue name and bed donation would be here

.Pet Salon by Dalice                                                                                                                       221 W.21st St.                                                                       Hazleton, Pa 18202


Celebrating 10th Anniversary – Buck a Paw nail clipping donating all proceeds to us until May 31, 2013


This will benefit many shelters and we thank them in behalf of them that cannot
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