Every Shelter Animal deserves a bed

Thanks to all who donated so early into our campaign it is so meaningful for our shelter animals. They have no way of saying thank you so I will say it say it for them.


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Have you ever thought about the animals in animal shelters and the cold damp floors that they sleep on. Well about three years ago it became a cause for myself and some friends. I approached an animal shelter and asked what they would like for Christmas and without hesitation they said raised beds for their animals to sleep on. I checked into the cost and seeing that they were expensive I set out on a mission to make them.
I bought a sewing machine and started on my impossible dream to give comfort to our four legged friends. We have established non profit status thanks to local Attorney. So far we have made and donated over 400 beds, cat towers and cat bunk beds, all at no cost to the shelters through the donations we receive. We have sent beds or bed supplies to Washington, Nebraska, Texas, New York, New Jersey and of course our home state Pennsylvania.  All of the shelters have commented on the difference in the  the animals that receive them. They in sense know that people care about them and they are not forgotten souls.

I never looked back and want to go forward but as we all know it is difficult to raise funds. We rely completely on donations and they are not there and we do not know how we will continue. A bed depending on what is donated costs about $15.00 – which is inexpensive.  We can use donations – funding, plastic PVC pipe, 3 way PVC corners all in 1 1/4″ and 1″, canvas material or corduroy material.

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