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Again, we have another dog shot in this town, Hazleton.  It has been and will always be my belief that any dog is a reflection of its owner.  That being said why are we shooting the dogs instead of the owners.  Of course, this is not realistic.  Again, when any dog is born it does not wake up and say I am a vicious animal and will kill or maim any person or other animal that I happen to find.  The owners instill this type of behavior by not showing the animal love and affection, by not feeding the animal or by beating the animal and the list goes on.  OK we kill the animal – what does the owner do “They simply go out and obtain another one to grow up with the same traits”.  Therefore, I ask if there is a National Database of owners who have had their dogs shot, Placed in shelters to be destroyed or returned dogs to shelters for no good reasons..  We have to stop the Human Race from showing its Inhumanity to our animal friends.

I have seen many of this type of animal that is loving and many will roll over and place themselves in a submissive position (on their back – just to receive a belly rub) in this town. Now we find out we have a dog fighting ring in this town as exposed on WBRE news – You mean to tell me that our enforcement officials did not know this before it was exposed in the media.  How and where do these creeps of society obtain, train and fight these poor animals without anyone having the compassion to come forward.  An act of kindness – even though the animal can- not say thank you will never go unrewarded.  The very thought of you having concern for a poor defenseless animal is a reward in itself.

Some people will say that all dogs of this type should be put down (many of the dogs that were in possession of a certain football player and used for dog fighting have been rehabilitated by loving and caring shelter workers and have been given a second chance on life)– personally, I disagree  and insist it is the Owner who is accountable for his animal and whether it is under control or not.  We cite people in this  town for noise how about we also cite for not taking care of their animals (this includes up to date on shots and licensing) not having them under control or letting them run lose.

Paul Kattner

I am retired after working as an industrial mechanic for most of my work career. I am married have had animals friends almost my whole life. This project that I have taken on has given me more satisfaction than my whole work career. So far over 600 beds and 60 cat bunks or towers have been made and donated to various shelters. Some new items were dog bunk beds and cat hammocks. I sleep at night knowing that in a small way we have made a difference in the life of the animals who have received our beds. We have sent beds to Nebraska, Texas, State of Washington and New Jersey. We have helped Eagle Scouts in their projects and in turn they have helped us.

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