New Year

lord we thank youAs we begin the new year we reflect on our accomplishments in the previous year.

We have supplied over 300 beds to  24 shelters and rescue organizations.  Over 11 cat beds and towers have also been supplied to cat rescues.  We have reached out to shelters in New York, New Jersey and surrounding counties in our state, PA.  We have redesigned the bed that we started with to make it more durable and longer lasting in addition to a design for cat-towers.   At Christmas we had a day of giving that we distributed dog & cat food, treats, sheets, blankets, towels, cleaning supplies, kitty litter and toys and too many other items to list.  I am personally thankful to the people that donated their time, donations, care and concern that allowed me the privilege of being Santa and distributing all the items at Christmas and throughout the year.

The people who came and donated their time and effort to make us what we are starting with Bob Allen (webmaster and funding for web services), Dave Silberg (still active), Mike Ondash, Wayne & Darlene Vanblargan, Pat Dreisbach (no longer active), Bernice Kistulenz (our current seamstress), Atty.  Donald Karpowich (donation and pro-bono donation of time and funds for non-profit status).  there are so many individuals who contributed along with other corporate sponsors – it is impossible for me to list all here but you are listed on our donor page and we could not have done it without you and your support.

You cannot imagine the joy and comfort that you have given to the shelters and their residents. At least they know some people care!!  I cannot say enough of a thank you to all the shelter workers who take care of our friends on a daily basis and are sooo dedicated to the poor defenseless creatures that wind up in their temporary homes and the foster homes that also help out with our cause.  I know we cannot save all of the animals but we certainly can try.

As we go forward int the new year our only wish is to make service more shelters and make shelter animals lives more comfortable until, you, the public decide to give them a loving and forever home.  Remember no dog should have to be rescued TWICE.

Thank You and to all a Good Night, Paul Kattner – Founder,



Paul Kattner

I am retired after working as an industrial mechanic for most of my work career. I am married have had animals friends almost my whole life. This project that I have taken on has given me more satisfaction than my whole work career. So far over 600 beds and 60 cat bunks or towers have been made and donated to various shelters. Some new items were dog bunk beds and cat hammocks. I sleep at night knowing that in a small way we have made a difference in the life of the animals who have received our beds. We have sent beds to Nebraska, Texas, State of Washington and New Jersey. We have helped Eagle Scouts in their projects and in turn they have helped us.

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