Pit Bulls

Ann with beds

In this picture is Ann Steinhauer a member of Luzerne County Pit Bull Owners Inc., PO Box 1861, Shavertown PA 19708. A member of this organization that is devoted to the rescue of pit bulls.  She picked up 5  beds for her organization. All to often this breed is tagged as vicious and not worthy of adoption – some shelters do not even try to adopt them.  It is my firm belief there are no bad dogs only bad owners.  This type of dog I have often come across in my travels and found them submissive and friendly. Most of them – then we have the ones that create the bad name.  I think we have to understand that a dog as a puppy has no vicious traits THEY ARE INSTILLED IN THEM BY THE HUMANS THAT TREAT THEM BADLY AND THEY RESPOND WITH THEIR NATURAL INSTICTS.  A human also has to know how he is able to handle the dog he chooses to be his companion if he cannot control the animal he should not adopt them.

Paul Kattner

I am retired after working as an industrial mechanic for most of my work career. I am married have had animals friends almost my whole life. This project that I have taken on has given me more satisfaction than my whole work career. So far over 600 beds and 60 cat bunks or towers have been made and donated to various shelters. Some new items were dog bunk beds and cat hammocks. I sleep at night knowing that in a small way we have made a difference in the life of the animals who have received our beds. We have sent beds to Nebraska, Texas, State of Washington and New Jersey. We have helped Eagle Scouts in their projects and in turn they have helped us.

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