Rethinking our efforts

There comes a time when we have to look back and see what we have accomplished and how we wish to proceed. We have  furnished over 400 beds and about 60 cat towers all at no cost to ANY shelter that requested them. We ask for the shelters to furnish us with pictures of our four legged friends enjoying them THAT WAS ALL WE ASKED. Out of all the shelters that we donated our time, material and the finished product to I could count on my one hand any of them that responded with our minimal requirement. With that being said we will be a little bit more selective in our future decisions on where we place our product.  We also asked if any recipient would write on our web site how the animals were doing in their new sleeping quarters?  Again we have received a minimal response.  Recently we placed over 30 beds in a shelter in New Jersey with no response.  Another one in New Jersey received about 25 beds with no response. I am sure they are busy taking care of the animals – but sometimes I wonder if they are selling  them instead of using the bedding for homeless animals.

In the future if you wish to receive our beds your organization will have to provide us with your tax exempt# and a letterhead requesting them.  We have beds available but this will be the new procedure!

Paul Kattner

I am retired after working as an industrial mechanic for most of my work career. I am married have had animals friends almost my whole life. This project that I have taken on has given me more satisfaction than my whole work career. So far over 600 beds and 60 cat bunks or towers have been made and donated to various shelters. Some new items were dog bunk beds and cat hammocks. I sleep at night knowing that in a small way we have made a difference in the life of the animals who have received our beds. We have sent beds to Nebraska, Texas, State of Washington and New Jersey. We have helped Eagle Scouts in their projects and in turn they have helped us.

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  1. Karen Chavis says:

    Please contact Orangeburg County Animal Control or Friends of Orangeburg County Animal Control. The strive to adopt out or place dogs so they can find furever homes and have a good track record. They have 30 cement runs, dogs on cement, and could really use some beds to get the dogs off cement. I will share you info also. Their # is 803-534-0045.

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