Say NO To Animal Testing

Say NO To Animal Testing
Are you willing to put innocent dogs, cats, monkeys, rabbits, and mice through horrible, torturous tests to look your best? These animals are tested on to determine the safety of skin care products for public use. The FDA (the Food and Drug Administration) doesn’t require animal testing for skin care products, so why bother going through with torturing defenseless animals? Who knows the reason why, but what I do know is that there are big, BIG name companies that do not test on animals, and actually frown upon animal testing entirely. There are alternatives to animal testing that are humane and eco friendly as well. Think twice before putting anything on your body that may have been tested on animals Companies test their products on animals to determine the level of skin irritancy, tissue damage to the eyes, and toxicity of a product they are looking to market. Rabbits are often strapped down while a “scientist” puts chemicals in and around the rabbit’s eye. This is incredibly painful for the rabbits who scream and sometimes break bones trying to escape their restraints. Lethal Dosage tests are done to see how much of a product would be needed to kill you. Dogs and monkeys are force fed poisonous substances through stomach tubes or spray inhalers until they die. The animals suffer from convulsions, vomiting, paralysis, and bleeding from the nose and ears. If that’s not inhumane than I don’t know what is. When animals are tested on, the results are unfortunately not entirely accurate. How are you going to accurately determine the toxicity of a substance for a human when you’re testing it on a rat or a dog? The toxicity for a rat to a mouse is completely different, why would one think that a rat and a human would be anywhere near the same? Not to mention that animals age different than humans and something that may be toxic to a child may not be toxic to an adult. The results are just too inconclusive to keep on considering animals testing as the norm for cosmetics. There are methods of testing that keep the animals, the consumers, and the environment happy. Using human tissue cultures, and corneas from eye banks cuts out the need for animal testing. Some companies have started using sophisticated computers and mathematical models as well as using all natural, non toxic ingredients to achieve the same desired effect. I mean when you have all the data you need on humans why go and test on an animal? Even though the FDA doesn’t require animal testing for skin care products, and even though the European Union banned animal testing starting in early 2009, and is going as far as banning any and all products that are tested on animals in 2013, many companies still test on animals in the US. Mainly having a large part to do with techs and researchers trying to keep their jobs as well as the legal aspect of the situation. Legal departments of companies like to use animal testing in case of a law suit so as not to be liable. The uneducated and unsympathetic consumer is also partly to blame. Those who just don’t care should be ashamed of themselves, and those who just don’t know should find out as much as they can about whatever product they are using. If the product is tested on animals, and it’s toxic to animals, wouldn’t common sense dictate that it would maybe in some way be toxic to humans?

Ashlyn Martin is a published skin care expert. Based on her experience, she recommends Dermajuv Reviews for advice on many different skin care products.

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