This is “Thelma” a Greyhound companion adopted by Mary Ann & David Kline from Pocono Greyhound Rescue sleeping on one of our beds.  It is because of Mary Ann & her husband that some of our animal friends have the comfort, love and companionship that they deserve.  Look at this picture and think of the unfortunate four legged companions that are out on the streets and have no homes.  It is said we lead by example – well if you could find it in your heart adopt a companion from a shelter or rescue like they did you will follow their example and reward yourself with a devoted and lifetime companion. They have been supporters of our efforts from the day that we started.  Their companion is resting comfortably in our of our beds.  Notice how content she is!! Dave has also donated us tent fabric to be cut for our beds.  This is the excellence of comfort. We sincerely thank them for their efforts in behalf of our four legged friends.


Paul Kattner

I am retired after working as an industrial mechanic for most of my work career. I am married have had animals friends almost my whole life. This project that I have taken on has given me more satisfaction than my whole work career. So far over 600 beds and 60 cat bunks or towers have been made and donated to various shelters. Some new items were dog bunk beds and cat hammocks. I sleep at night knowing that in a small way we have made a difference in the life of the animals who have received our beds. We have sent beds to Nebraska, Texas, State of Washington and New Jersey. We have helped Eagle Scouts in their projects and in turn they have helped us.

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