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Thank you for taking the time to read this and think of the homeless animals.

To those of you who have read our mission – No explanation is necessary, why we pursue this quest – To those who do not understand our mission no explanation will suffice.

We have delivered approximately  35 beds to two participating shelters,  Animal Resource Center and Hillside SPCA,  all of this was made possible through your contributions – we say thank you for this and hope to supply more to all shelters in need.

As  of this date (3/12/12) we are approximately $40.00 in the minus – to continue we need to make this up and find funds for approximately 20 more beds that will just about finish the two shelters we are working with.  The Plaque that is our logo in the upper left hand corner of the Home Page is placed in each shelter with Corporate and Prvate Donor names on it.  Right now until we obtain Non-Profit Status – we will issue a tax receipt from the shelters we are working with.  Hope to hear from you soon.

March 17, 2012 – Good news we will be able to finish our work at Animal Resource Center and Hillside SPCA with a delivery of another 12 Beds each.  It will warm your heart to know at Hillside their is a special need dog that just had surgery on his rear leg and the vet said his recovery will be faster because he is not sleeping on cement.  His name is Mulligan

Thank You for this bed - By the way you could adopt me

and he is available for Adoption,   This is what we are about and we thank you for your support. We are still in the minus I will be posting sheets with our donations & expenses on for everyone to view.

March 19, 2012 – George Hayden (Hayden Inc.) Has donated 17 lengths of pipe, in addition to his previous donation of 15 lengths of pipe.  Kudos & Hi Fives to his company – it is people like him who do not want to recognized but are kind to our cause that we can continue doing what we do.  Darlene also picked up 6 lengths of pipe at Home Depot in Frackville.  We will be able to make our deliveries this week and we will have pictures of them posted.

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