Why Adopt a pet from a shelter?

Adopting a pet from a shelter prevents animals from being euthanized. Save lives by adopting from a shelter with tips from an animal rescue manager in this free pet adoption video.
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Hi. I’m Nancy with the Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch. If you’re considering adopting a pet, I hope you will consider getting one from a shelter. There’s plenty of the animals across the, the United States sitting in shelters right now, that are wanting to be your pet. The reasons you might, want to get a dog or a cat or a pet from a shelter is because those animals are waiting. A lot of them unfortunately are in kill shelters where they’re only given a certain amount of time to be, to possibly be adopted and if the time runs out, their time runs out. Shelter dogs make the best pets. I think it’s because they are shelter dogs. A lot of people have a misconception about coming out to a shelter to adopt an animal. It’s actually kind of, always they’re always seem to be, wind up being shocked because the animals aren’t unhappy. The animals are just sitting here waiting to go to your home and become part of your family. Everyone that leaves our ranch always leaves with a good experience. They feel good about the animals and the animals are all, they’re, they’re not any different than anybody else’s pets. Our dogs aren’t rowdy, they’re not out of control, they’re not crazy, they’re simply, they were abandoned more or less, and they are waiting for someone to give them a good home. Thank you for watching this. I’m Nancy with the Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch.